Sunniva Skaug

My fav quotes

  • 02.07.2017 - 18:04

A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous. -Coco Chanel


It is fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure. -Bill Gates


Whatever you are, be a good one. -Abraham Lincoln 


Fear are stupid, so are regret. -Marilyn Manroe


Every risk is worth taking, as long as its for a good cause and contributes to a good life. -Richard Branson.


I can shake off everything if I write; my sorrows disapear, my courage is reaborn. -Anne Frank


Maybe you have to let go of who you were to become who you want to be. -Carrie Bradshaw


Lets live our true selves and make a positive differrence while doing it -Catilyn Jenner


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